Gaston’s Tree Service (GTS)  started business in North Central Florida in July of 1972. By 1980, GTS was generating a substantial amount of tree debris on a daily basis. At that time it was inexpensive to dispose of tree debris.

In 1985, state government mandated that vegetation no longer be dumped in landfills. “Necessity is the mother of invention”, so that year Wood Resource Recovery (WRR) began operations. The original idea was to burn the debris. WRR could not obtain a permit from Alachua County and that began the process of permitting the first tree, yard and land clearing debris recycling center.

Over the next two decades, Wood Resource Recovery recycled millions of tons of vegetative debris around the country. We have worked as far west as Oklahoma and along the east coast from the Florida Keys to New York.

One of the products from our recycling operation is boiler fuel, a renewable biomass product that is used to generate electricity. For this reason, Wood Resource Recovery was selected to supply the Gainesville Renewable Energy Center (GREC) with a large amount of their boiler fuel.